In the early 1990s, before traveling to Belgium to connect with my husband Frank Coppieters and his family, I had purchased, at a shop specializing in sacred Buddhist objects, a ceremonial knife called a “katrika.” I bought the knife because an inner voice said, “This is perfect for Frank’s birthday.”

When I arrived in Belgium, Frank surprised me with a session from Joska. I had had sessions previously from him so I was very much looking forward to this one. I had a lot weighing on my mind.

During the past year, Frank and I had been through a dreadful crisis with a false spiritual teacher. This teacher had threatened to come to our home when I was there alone. I described this experience to Joska and said I felt vulnerable, helpless and overwhelmed.

We went to the treatment room. The journey began and although I had an incredibly moving experience, I couldn’t for the life of me remember the details. I told Joska this. He took me in hand, made my close my eyes and asked me to describe step by step what I saw. It began with a small gold braid embossed with horses that seemed to stretch up the side of a stucco building, turned into a weather vane, and later morphed into a real horse with a fierce Korean general sitting atop wielding a sword.

“That general is YOU,” Joska insisted, “You have what it takes to handle this threat.” I was amazed and remained in a bit of a trance. Then I heard him say, “You should take a katrika and place it facing the door of your home to send the energy back to its source. Do you know what a katrika is?” “Yes,” I answered, stunned, “I just happen to have one.”

That knife took its place in our home and today it now sits in my office on top of a drum made by the women of Zimbabwe. Pointed toward the outside door, it protects all who enter from malevolent spirits, thanks to Joska.


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