Antwerp (1988-2008)

Jóska Soós

Jóska Soós

In 1988, Jóska moved to Merksem, near Antwerp in Belgium. For around 20 years, he lived and worked as a shaman and artist in this urban context, leading éances up until a few years before his death.

His art works changed dramatically in these last 20 years. Up until then, he had been working mainly with Chinese ink and gouache on materials such as paper, cardboard and panel. Now he starts working with acrylic paint on canvas and makes frequent use of stencils to create strong effects of light and colour.

"Entité lumineuse sonore I", 1988

Jóska Soós, "Entité lumineuse sonore I", 1988

"Entité lumineuse sonore II", 1995

Jóska Soós, "Entité lumineuse sonore II", 1988




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